Wishing coach Kill well

Football coach Jerry Kill will take time off for his health.

Daily Editorial Board

Minnesota head football coach Jerry Kill announced Sunday he will take some time off to seek more medical help for his recurring seizures.

While his history with seizures was known after a couple of public incidents before his tenure began at the University of Minnesota, fans and players were shocked and concerned when he collapsed on the field a few weeks ago.

It hasnâÄôt left the news since. KillâÄôs coaching staff assured the public that the coach had never missed a game, and he would do what he could to get back on the sidelines.

Even after announcing that he has continued to suffer more seizures than usual, Kill told reporters: âÄúI ainâÄôt changing. And if that ainâÄôt good enough âÄî well, IâÄôve been doing it now for six years, and IâÄôve coached pretty damn good the last six years and IâÄôll coach pretty damn good for the next 15 years.âÄù

But SundayâÄôs seizure was enough for him to decide to go back to the hospital. Reports say he checked himself in.

Coach Kill, we know itâÄôs time for you to miss a game, and we respect you for it. You bring a refreshing passion and transparency to your job. WeâÄôd like the chance to see what you can do with the football team, but that is certainly not more important than your health.

Life is far more important than football, and it is unfortunate that sometimes it takes a frightening event like KillâÄôs collapse to remind us where our priorities should be.

We thank Kill for setting an example and choosing to step away from work and expectations to take care of himself. The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board hopes for wisdom in the doctors and answers for Kill and his family. We wish Kill the best and hope he can return in good health very soon.