Daily Digest: Protest, chimps politics and more

by Lisa Zehner

Hey folks,

So the Steelers won it with a dazzling finish. I won’t bore you with the details, but I came across an interesting story about Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes and his turbulent past in the New York Times, though a few other reported the story as well.

*Some University of Minnesota graduate students marched in protest of graduate student fees, according to a KSTP story. Daily reporters should have more on the story shortly. The march began at the Social Science Tower at noon and the group that organized the march say that teaching assistants and community advisors earn less than the living wage for Minneapolis residents.

Courtesy zebrraandwildebeest.com.

*Apparently chimps are using politics to elect a male for the alpha leadership role, according to a University of Minnesota study. Though in most mammals the most aggresive male is picked for the leadership of the pack, the study suggests that chimps that are smaller and mild-mannered can get the spot by gaining broad support and grooming other males. The study was done by observing chimps behaviors over 10 years in Gombe National Park in Tanzania.

*The University of Minnesota Medical School is mentioned as being among those struggling and looking for savings during the current recession, according to a recent Star Tribune story that looks at the condition of the health care industry during tough economic times. In the past, the industry has withstood the recession. This year, however, local hospitals have cut more than 1,000 jobs.

Well, that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed it.