Street Style: Prince and purple everything

The Weisman’s highly anticipated “Prince from Minneapolis” exhibition party inspired all to dress to impress.

From left, Michael Kreher, Kim Tsujimoto, Shirin Saadat, and Lorraine Lassig pose for portraits during the preview party for the Weisman Art Museums Prince from Minneapolis exhibition.

Easton Green

From left, Michael Kreher, Kim Tsujimoto, Shirin Saadat, and Lorraine Lassig pose for portraits during the preview party for the Weisman Art Museum’s “Prince from Minneapolis” exhibition.

by Kate Drakulic

Based on a fashion and style-icon, the Weisman Art Museum’s “Prince from Minneapolis” exhibition preview party on Friday night was sure to bring memorable and outstanding outfits. From fan merchandise, to Prince-inspired couture, to purple, purple and more purple, here are the night’s best looks. 

Daphne Timmons

Lab Assistant

What she wore: Prince hoodie, Michael Kors purse, Ugg sneakers and Prince pins. 

“This sweatshirt is a birthday gift all the way from Japan,” she said. “My coworker got it for me.” 

When asked when she got into Prince, Timmons didn’t miss a beat. 

“‘Since ‘1999,’ so since the 80’s,” she said. 

Shirin Saadat 

Technical Director at 3M 

What she wore: Black velvet jumpsuit, purple velvet coat and a black fur wrap. 

Whether it was her presence, her outfit or both, Saadat stood out from the rest as she floated around the galleries. 

“My outfit is all from one place. It’s called Carlisle,” she said. “The jumpsuit pants are black, the bustier is velvet and strapless, and then this matching velvet three-quarters length coat,” she said as she described her outfit. 

Lorraine Lassig

Retail Worker / “Purple girl full-time”

What she wore: Purple snow boots, purple sweater, purple dress, purple leggings, purple Prince earrings and a necklace from Etsy. 

“I saw ‘Purple Rain,’ a couple of years ago at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, and that’s how I got into Prince,” Lassig said. 

Kim Tsujimoto

Manager at 3M

What she wore: Thigh high purple suede boots, sequin purple and blue skirt from the kid department at Target, leather jacket from the adult department at Nordstrom and a choker. 

“I got these purple suede boots online. They were super cheap, and I thought even if I only wear them once I have to get them,” she said. 

“The ’80s was my era. That’s when I went to school. I moved here like 25 years ago and you can’t not love Prince when you’re in the Twin Cities right? It’s like it’s in the air.”

Michael Kreher

Building and Technical Operations Assistant at the Weisman

What he wore: Tallia Orange button up shirt and jacket, his friend’s girlfriend’s skinny jeans, John Fluevog wing tipped shoes. 

“I grew up listening to some Prince from my parents. That was kind of their generation and what they were really into. He was a huge icon in their LGBT community in San Francisco. Prince was just this person that everyone knew of and looked up to and felt super positive about,” Kreher said. “When I first came to First Ave, I was like, ‘Ah. So, this is the place where it all happened.’”