Polling lines on campus

Lisa Zehner

Here are the short updates we have on lines around campus:

*At 7:40, no lines at first congregational church on 5th Street and 8th Avenue. *At 6:25, from James Anderson: More than an hour wait at Van Cleve Park in SE Como. *At 5:30, from Devin Henry: Lines at Harvard Street still wrapping around Moos Tower. Ellison, Rybak greeting voters. *Just in, from James Anderson: Disputes this afternoon between voters & translators at the Brian Coyle Center. Voters who needed help were arguing w/translators for marking wrong choice. *At 2 p.m., from James Anderson: No lines at the First Congregational Church on 5th Street and 8th Avenue.

*10:30 a.m.: From Jake Grovum at Dinkytown: about a 90 minute wait at Lutheran Church.

*From Mike Rose: Van Cleve had long lines at 7 a.m. and Prospect Park also seemed to have a big line at 10 a.m.

*From Vadim Lavrusik: About an hour wait at Harvard St. location. One hundred people lined up outside. Ole Hovde was across the street shouting about lowering tuition and representing students.