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>Network, It has been too long since the stinging barbs of my pen have been felt. BringBackMyNetwork, YOU ARE A BITCH. DON’T MOCK YOUR FELLOW GOPHERS (LIKE ME) WHEN IT IS UNDESERVED. TRY PAYING A LITTLE MORE ATTENTION WHEN YOU READ PIECES THAT YOU WISH TO CRITIQUE/OPINE ON. JUST BE GLAD I’M NOT A BITCH LIKE YOU CUS I SURELY WOULD HAVE DISCOVERED YOUR IDENTITY AND HUMILIATED OR BROKEN YOUR PRIDE IN FRONT OF A LARGE AUDIENCE IF I WAS. P.S. YOU ARE A BITCH. NeedsAHug acknowledged, albeit sarcastically, and even apologized for locking her bike to mine, not the other way around. (apology accepted by the way, thanks NeedsAHug) It is because of people (read: Republicans) like you that Europeans collectively spit in our faces. People who lack concern for others’ opinions and feel that theirs are the only ones that should be catered to. You’re probably the bitch who steals cups on the weekend because you’re too much of a bitch to do your part in reimbursing the host. I think you’ve had enough. No? Now you’ve had enough. Bitch. Net: Harsh.

From PrettyinPINK

I would just like to respond to the posting by Bi-Eye For The Straight Gal. First of all who the hell made you a fashion queen?!! Ok so gym sox ae not a fashion accessory you were right with that one but everything else you said was bull NUTT! Pink is not a color reserved for whores and Barbie wannabes (Although who wouldn’t wanna be Barbie the bitch has everything!). Net: What is it with the coarse language today? Do you people EAT with those mouths? Go to any store you can buy everything in pink and hey even guys are wearing pink now! (although this is not a good idea for all guys) Pink is feminine and hey I am a chick why not look like one the whole asexual look is really just plain ugly and no guy would date a girl who made his friends wonder just what sex she really was. Net: Perhaps you should look to the beam in your own eye when it comes to unattractive qualities. I say show it off if you like pink wear it. Besides this is college not a fashion show around here sweatpants and sweatshirts are the norm and really who cares what you look like unless your going out. As for shoes whoa girl cute shoes are always good and they can be functional too. (although I bet your orthopedic shoes are nice too) Lastly your comment about “Mean Girls” hey have ya seen the movie if not maybe you should cause the title seems to apply to you hun. Net: That would kinda depend on your definition of “Girl.” You must not watch much TV to have missed the reference.

From hockeyhairhippie

From Being the somewhat dim-witted and pedantic CLA student that I am, I needed a little clarification on what you meant by boor in your response to WFMBTD. Was it a misspelling of bore, or were you for some reason referring to the possibility that WFMBTD is a Dutch colonist in South Africa? Perhaps it was a third possibility: a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement. Net: Look, Boer, boor, bore or boar – you can rest assured we know the difference. If so, kudos to you Net, for improving our campus vocabulary, and teaching us a new word to describe all those people over in GC. Net: Did you know that “kudos” is actually a singular noun? Yes, that’s right, we’re back to ripping on GC; I haven’t heard anyone do that in ages! Go CLAw [the new cool acronym for CLA because we don’t have an easily pronounceable one like COAFS, or god forbid, CSOM. It is to be said while making a swiping claw like motion with the right hand]. Net: Yeah, just like Dr. Claw on “Inspector Gadget”!