Kahn’s response to Post

Although political advisors often say ignoring political attacks is the best philosophy, the diatribe in McCain supporter Andy PostâÄôs column calls for a reply. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization (and government services). The University of Minnesota is a tax-supported institution and Minnesota students pay higher tuition than Wisconsin students because we put less tax revenue into our higher education institutions than Wisconsin does. A student at a tax-supported institution can hardly complain about a representative who votes to raise the taxes required to support that institution. A tuition freeze instead of increased state financial support is a pathway to institutional mediocrity and a degree reduced in value. Post also identifies me as a Brooklyn, New York native as an implied pejorative. Our state is stronger when people move here by choice. My University connections include a husband who is a professor in the math department and a son who is a graduate (another child used our reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin to go there). Not to mention my almost 10 years as a research faculty member in the Genetics and Cell Biology department here, and my current services on the advisory board of the Joint Degree Program in Law, Health and Life Sciences (longer than my opponent’s University connection). Minnesota needs native-born and transplanted talent. My family moved here with two very expensive technological educations not paid for with Minnesota tax dollars. Minnesota has specifically benefitted from other political immigrants including Martin Sabo, Keith Ellison, Paul Wellstone, Hubert Humphrey and my wonderful friend, the late Allan Spear. Former New Yorkers on the other side include Norm Coleman and Arne Carlson. I can’t remember a vote against âÄúmore lighting for back alleysâÄù but anti-light pollution measures put light on the streets instead of in the sky and have important energy and money saving implications. Just check out the latest edition of National Geographic (âÄúThe End of Night: Why We Need DarknessâÄù). As for taking campaign literature, Post fails to say that the case was dismissed. This campaign deserves a serious discussion of the issues of the day, the record of each candidate in proposing and implementing solutions and honest, intelligent discussion. I appreciated the Daily’s endorsement last week and hope to live up to it in the coming legislative session. Phyllis Kahn State Representative 59B