Daily Digest: Student-athlete task force, swastikas on dorm doors

Mike Rose

Let’s hop right into the news:

*First, an interesting story from USA Today that examines the University of Minnesota task force in charge of monitoring academic performance among student-athletes. The task force has been around since 2007 and is responsible for making sure athletes have relevant, challenging majors that can actually lead to jobs after graduation, in response to some criticism saying student-athletes take easy majors to "breeze" through. Others who work with student-athletes are worried this could lead to student-athlete-centric majors, though some counter that sports-related jobs are viable. Perry Leo, a leader of the task force, says it’s not about creating new majors but giving athletes more "business and marketing classes where they can study the marketing of sports. Something where their sports background would be a positive, not a negative."

*Ladies and getleman, we have a recount! Here’s some local coverage of what’s been hapenning on day one of what surely will be a long, contentious process: Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, WCCO, KARE. And for something a little different, take a look at some of MinnPost’s coverage.

*Lastly, KSTP reported on two swastikas being graffited on dorm room doors in Pioneer Hall. Investigators believe the swastikas were made as a Halloween prank, but nothing was reported at the time. See mndaily.com for more on this story.

Have a nice Wednesday. Mike Rose Managing editor