Ariel Pink reflects on 9/11 in new video

by Sarah Harper

Lo-fi, high-drama musician Ariel Pink released a video tribute to 9/11 yesterday.

If you’ve been combing the internet for fresh videos since then, you’ve already learned (and probably forgotten) its oblique title, “Witchhunt Suite For WWIII.”

Pink began crafting the song way back on Sept. 11, 2001, according to his label 4AD. The video, directed by Animal Charm, is a long and trippy collage.  So warm up your pause button, ye of short attention span – you might need to take a few breaks to get through all 16 minutes. And don’t feel guilty if you don’t understand the video. Its true meaning is locked inside the head of a man who refused to sing at Coachella because, I don’t know, not everything was perfect?