Deficit Reduction Act helps students

Minnesota can’t afford not to have Mark Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.

Wednesday’s column by University DFL Secretary Noah Seligman was filled with inaccuracies surrounding the Deficit Reduction Act. We would like to set the record straight and prove why Minnesota students can’t afford not to have Mark Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.

In addition to cutting $40 billion from the deficit, this act works to the benefit of students by cutting waste and loopholes that allow lenders to take advantage of students and charge them more. The act will increase first-year student loan limits from $2,625 to $3,500 and second-year student loan limits from $3,500 to $4,500, giving students access to more aid. The act also allows loan cancellation for teachers of math, science and special education. Reduced loan fees will make it easier for students to pay back their loans. Seligman’s column fails to mention that the act cuts the deficit while increasing the aid available to students. The Deficit Reduction Act balances fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction with improved financial aid packages.

Over the next several months, you will hear the Democrats complaining about the deficit and wringing their hands ” so why are they attacking Kennedy for doing the fiscally responsible thing by cutting the deficit while ensuring Minnesota’s priorities are funded?

The answer: The Democrats will resist nearly anything proposed by Republicans. Their latest attack on Kennedy is just one more example of the DFL’s use of scare tactics. They would rather distort the truth than support good legislation that balances the need for student aid and deficit reduction.

Kennedy supported the act because he cares about the future of our nation. Minnesota needs a senator who will balance fiscal responsibility with student aid.

Kennedy is a first generation college graduate and the first in his family to pay back student loans. He understands how important a quality education is because he was able to experience one firsthand. Kennedy knows the realities facing college students because two of his children are in college and the other two will soon be attending college.

Clearly, Minnesota students, farmers and families can’t afford not to have Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.

Bethany Dorobiala, Ryan Flynn and Missy Graner are members of the University of Minnesota College Republicans. Please send comments to [email protected]