Coming in from the cold

The best musical moments of January.

Keri Carlson

WCoachella lineup announced
Warning: The concert line up for this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., might result in dizziness, fainting and a sudden urge to drop out of school and use your grant money for plane tickets. Please, sit down before reading further.

First it was announced that indie rock gods and one of the best bands of all time, the Pixies, would be reuniting at Coachella in May. Just when your pants had dried out, news comes that The Cure have now signed on as headliners. The two-day festival lineup is rounded out by Radiohead, Kraftwerk and Death Cab for Cutie along with many smaller acts.

LCD Soundsystem “Yeah (Stupid Version)” and “Yeah (Pretentious Mix)”

A follow-up to LCD Soundsystem’s brilliant single “Losing My Edge,” which makes fun of record geeks and hipsters alike, “Yeah” is even more dance-floor demanding. After a rambling of “yeahs” James Murphy announces, “Everybody keeps on talking about it, nobody’s getting it done.” Well, actually, Murphy and his gang at DFA Records are getting some things done. This arty disco-punk movement is taking over and DFA leads the way.

Kelis “Tasty”

At first, “Milkshake” sounds like an idiotic hip-hop-pop track that you can memorize after hearing only 30 seconds of the song. But this is Kelis – the woman who shook up the R&B world several years ago with her psychotic screaming frenzy: “I hate you so much right now Ö AHHHHH!” She knows what she’s doing and “Milkshake” will infect the brain the instant it reaches your ears.

Cloud Cult “Aurora Borealis”

Cheers to Cloud Cult for making a commotion on the College Music Journal charts. “Aurora Borealis” has the same mysterious beauty as the group’s “They Live on the Sun” but with a calmer and more reflective Craig Minowa. “Breakfast with My Shadow” is one of Cloud Cult’s best. And, of course, there’s a song composed out of “The Princess Bride” quotes. They certainly deserve the national attention.

The Darkness “Permission to Land”

Hmmm Ö let’s think. What has been missing lately in music? Yup, tight pants. Not Britney-Aguilera hip huggers, but spandex zebra-striped pants that would make hair metal bands proud. The Darkness has returned humor to rock out in Spinal Tap fashion with Judas Priest-like live shows. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” is nothing short of amazing. Lead singer Justin Hawkins’ piercing screams might shatter car windows if pumped too loud.