Car damage and auto theft reported in Prospect Park Tuesday

In one incident, five suspects reportedly clubbed a person’s vehicle; in a separate incident, two suspects stole a victim’s vehicle.

Brooke Sheehy

The Prospect Park neighborhood near the University of Minnesota was reportedly the location of two separate crimes Tuesday, per an email from the Minneapolis Police Department.

The first reported incident occurred around noon. The victim was in his car at Franklin Avenue and Thornton Street Southeast when he was boxed in by two cars — a dark gray sedan and a smaller, newer black SUV. 

After the suspects boxed the victim in his vehicle, they allegedly exited their cars and beat the victim’s vehicle with a golf club. The victim was incapable of driving away during the attack, resulting in property damage to both the victim’s vehicle and the SUV.

The victim described five suspects in total — three in the SUV and two in the sedan. The suspects are all male and estimated to be between 16 and 30 years old. 

The second incident occurred around 6 p.m. when the second victim and her son came into contact with two male suspects near the intersection of Arthur Avenue Southeast and University Avenue Southeast. One of the suspects approached the victim and snatched the car keys from her hand, while the other demanded the son to get out of the car. Both suspects then fled the scene in the stolen vehicle. 

The first suspect in the second case was described as a shirtless male with an athletic build, who stood at 6 feet tall and wore his hair up in a bun. The other suspect was a male, also about six feet tall and with an athletic build, but wore a black hoodie cinched over his face. He implied to the victim that he had a gun. 

The second incident is currently an open investigation, and the 2nd Precinct with be operating supervised patrols in the neighborhood. 

This is a breaking news report. More information will be added as it becomes available.