Daily Digest: Ethanol’s health, stealth nutrition

by Lisa Zehner

Welcome to today’s digest of University of Minnesota-related news.

*There has been a lot of interesting coverage of the University’s study on ethanol’s health costs vs. those of petroleum-based gasoline, Iowa Independent reports. Ethanol has been debated as being an environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline, but the study brings a new question into the mix, saying that ethanol has greater health costs than gas. However, the study has received mixed responses and the Renewable Fuels Association and in an analyses warned that "because there is no consensus within the academic community on the best methods for analyzing highly uncertain potential land use changes, the results of this study must be viewed with extreme caution." No surprise, but The National Corn Growers Association also had a critical response. The Daily will have a breakdown of the study in tomorrow’s paper and later online today.

*The Minnesota men’s basketball team is no longer in the top-25 rankings after their Ohio State loss Saturday, Pioneer Press reports.

*The University participated in a "stealth nutrition" study with schools in the Hopkins district by adding whole-wheat flour into white bread and other bread, according to a Star Tribune report. They started in fall of 2007 and by May 2008, the bread that the students were eating was 91 percent whole-grain flour and were liking it.