Peace needs truth

by Spencer Goldstein

This letter is in regard to the Palestinian protesters Sunday at Coffman Union. After speaking with a group of the supporters for âÄúfreeing Palestine,âÄù I can understand why it is so difficult for Israel to make peace. I was told by one supporter that the reason Israel allows sugar into Gaza but not juice is the fact that bombs can be made with sugar but not juice. Apparently, Israel wants to be attacked by rockets to look like they are the ones being harmed. Not only is this information illogical but it also is blasphemous. For people not educated on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, one might actually believe that what some of these anti-Israel protesters are saying has any merit. It saddens me to realize that peace is further and further away from the Middle East when you have people spreading false propaganda in order to justify their intolerance of a nation the size of New Jersey and the only true democracy in the Middle East. Spencer Goldstein, University alumnus