Net: Today we have rare insight into the Middle East peace process, and even weightier musings on the importance and character of fraternity vs. “real” parties with Channel 9 anchorpeople. For what more can one ask?

From Krisana Tesprasit: Friday’s bombing of the marketplace in center city Jerusalem is not the result of activities of militant Muslims. Net: We’ll just forget things like who’s claiming responsibility and things like that. There is evidence that Netanyahu is stalling the implementation of the “Y” peace accord. Net: There is also evidence that militant Muslims were behind Friday’s bombing. Is this some sort of revelation? There are a number of facts that are not being backed up in media sources which claim that Muslims are responsible. Net: OK. We’ll hear you out.
The immediate allegations led to the Palestinian freedom group Hamas as a result of an anonymous phone call. Net: Info like that usually isn’t accompanied by a return phone number … The following day, blame was laid on a different organization altogether because of public evidence of leaflets being passed out. The media also is claiming that the new guilty party was already being arrested after the attack, although blame (at the time of the arrests) was still being laid on Hamas.
I believe the Netanyahu government was aware of the attack before it happened, although I am unable to speculate on whether they are responsible through covert operations. I was imprisoned one day before the bombing in the marketplace Net: Wow., and many of the officers involved in my arrest and the trial escorts were temporary officers called in just this week to work in Jerusalem. Net: But doesn’t that make sense BECAUSE of the current climate? After all, with deadlines for implementation of Wye and all that, wouldn’t Israel be on the lookout for an attack anyway? There’s a difference between expecting an attack and anticipating its likelihood.
While in prison I witnessed the arrival of a bus full of more Israeli police officers. Having spoken with some officers in depth, they claimed that they did not know why they were called in to Jerusalem but that they did not wish to be here (meaning they did not request transfers and they were perhaps fearful) and that it was only temporary.
The United States government should be providing more information regarding their role in the peace accord, Net: True enough which was largely constructed with the assistance of the University’s class of 1998 commencement speaker, Madeleine Albright. Many Palestinians are fearful that they and the Arabic people are routinely being accused by Israeli governments for wrongdoing when none exists. These allegations are consequently being reported worldwide and providing a negative reputation for the Arab people.
From PartyDiva: I have so much to say in regards to recent topics that I must make public my forum, instead of merely to my friends and neighbors or those slovenly basic “randoms” who cross my path while walking down University Avenue — Net: There goes the readership, presumably to their Phatty Frat homes.
I am one of the 98 percent of university females who has attended at least one frat party in her collegiate career. Any rational being will be quick to agree that a frat party has little to offer. I now offer a dichotomy between frat parties and real parties:
Frat parties are full of ugly dudes whose beer drinking, pot smoking and, on occasion, a little hash brownie eating Net: Woo-hoo!, has contributed to the disintegration of frat boy brain cells and the addition of frat boy beer guts. Net: Actually, those started in high school. The college parties are just another step on the road to self-actualization.
Be wary divas, this could be your fate! Those chemical depressants inhibit your ability to say no to any offending party, which have sent many a diva home crying date rape, puking from overconsumption and with a nasty hangover in the morning. OR, if having done the deed and slept over, she must face the shame of looking for her purse amid half-empty cans of Miller at 10 a.m. before receiving the boot. Net: But what an honor — a night in a FRAT HOUSE!
Real parties offer so much more. Bottled beer, and, in most cases, a full bar. But ladies, why confine yourself to brain and nervous system depressants when, being a foxy diva like myself, you can score miles of rails coke, speed or ecstasy? Net: Common sense, perhaps? Believe me honey, fellas at a real party want to knock you up just as bad as those nasty frat boys do, but these boys are light-years ahead on the evolutionary of one-night-stand scale. They want you to consent before taking your panties off and will dish for you, if you know what I mean.
And as for the morning after, or a hangover, there simply is none, because you won’t go to bed until later that evening, all depending on your constitution and previous experience with hard drugs. Net: Now we’re getting scared.
And there’s so much more. Real parties start later, there are guest lists — but you don’t have to be on to get in, the possibility of meeting a high rank politician or local news anchor woman (read Robyne Robinson) Net: Remember — you saw it here before you saw it in CJ, the networking possibilities — I could go on and on…
So in summary, smart and sassy party lads and ladies avoid the frat scene as much as possible … because really, we just want to party like the real rock stars that we are. Net: And we all shine on … keep on rockin’, dudes — and know when to say when.