Emmy red carpet winners and losers.

by Lucy Nieboer

Because award shows have become increasingly long, winners irrelevant and presenters a bore, I now skip watching the show altogether. As Joan Rivers will be happy to tell you, in Hollywood it's all about who you wear —not what you win. 

The Emmy's are a unique case because some TV. stars want to masquerade as serious celebrities of film wearing ball gowns, and some understand where they stand in the Hollywood regime and go for a more casual look. With this array of styling picks you get the good, bad and ugly. 

And now the Minnesota Daily's A&E Emmy Red Carpet Awards will present in each category a wonderful winner and an unlucky loser.

Funny Ladies: Tina Fey wowwed in a plum-colored, strapless Vivienne Westwood gown that featured a black and gold Grecian detail neckline. This middle-aged mom must have booked a babysitter for her frumpy duds last night, because she looked smokin'.

Poor Amy Poehler. Hate to kick a gal when she's down, but a recent divorce and award show pressures must have gotten to Poehler. Some critics thought her disco ball of a Stella McCartney dress was sexy, but I thought it was just sad.

Young Beauties: Ariel Winter also known as Alex from "Modern Family" looked gorgeous and very much a grown up in budding L.A. designer, Katharine Kidd's floral print racer-back gown. 

Kiernan Shipka may just be two years younger than 14-year-old Winter, but at the Emmy's, Mad Men's Sally Draper looked about seven. Her Zac Posen dress and Swarovski clutch looked more appropriate for a middle-school dance than an award show.

GentlemenJessie Tyler Ferguson looked like an adorable little wind-up toy that you  want to take home and play with. His vibrant choice of plaid suit and bow tie made him the darling of the evening.

Adam Driver who plays Adam on HBO's newest hit "Girls" looked much like his character on Emmy night; awkward and uncomfortable.