Where Daily endorsements come from

Lisa Zehner

We wanted to addressed briefly the process of endorsements. The biggest misconception is that everyone in Editorial is involved. This means the newsroom staff and everyone else who contributes some sort of content to the paper. Not true.


The endorsements are decided solely by the Editorial Board of The Minnesota Daily. The newsroom and other Editorial departments do not have any say or participation in the endorsements. The process is lively and works mostly democratically. Each of the candidates that we have endorsed we came to a consensus upon through discussion and debate of the issues candidates stand for and who would better represent students based on our judgment and assessment.


However, with each office that we endorsed for we never agreed on candidates completely at first. But each board member ranked the issues that we care about most and then assessed which candidate would have the best solutions to address the issues. Being students, we thought about our audience as well and what students are most passionate about. We kept you in mind.


Hope that sheds some light into how the whole thing works and clears up some of the misconceptions that the endorsements reflect the entire staff of the paper, as they clearly do not. We hope our endorsements help educate your decision, even if in the slightest bit. Happy voting, only a week and a few spare days left until Election Day.