Legislators’ knowledge

Erin Ghere

State legislators work at the Capitol, make important policy choices and work long hours. So what do they do for students?
Plenty. University students living in Minneapolis and St. Paul need to know their state legislators just as much as other Minnesotans.
The House of Representatives is a body of 135 state representatives, two from every district in the state. They each serve a two-year term. These are the representatives for the University areas:
Democrat Phyllis Kahn has represented the East Bank for 26 years. Contact her at (651) 296-4257 or [email protected]
Democrat Lee Greenfield has represented the West Bank for 20 years. Contact him at (651) 296-0173 or [email protected]
Democrat Mary Jo McGuire represents the St. Paul campus. Contact her at (651) 296-4342. or [email protected]
The state Senate is made up of 67 senators, one from each district in the state. They each serve a six-year term. The Senators for the University area are:
Democrat Lawrence Pogemiller represents the East Bank. Contact him at (651) 296-7809. or [email protected]
Democrat John Marty represents the St. Paul campus. Contact him at (651) 296-5645 or [email protected]
Democrat Allan Spear represents the West Bank. Contact him at (651) 296-4191 or [email protected]
Other important representatives for students to know include those in charge of the higher education committees:
Peggy Leppik, R-Golden Valley, is the chairwoman of the House higher education committee. Call her at 651-296-7026 or e-mail her at [email protected] with concerns.
LeRoy Stumpf, DFL-Thief River Falls, is the chairman of the Senate higher education committee. Call him at 651-296-8660 or e-mail him at [email protected] with concerns.
The Web site for the state Legislature is www.leg.state.mn.us.