A&E’s go-to sites around Minneapolis (and St. Paul) for students

Get acquainted with the Twin Cities! Bike or take the bus for bonus city-slicker points.

People view James Rosenquists mural Worlds Fair Mural at Weisman Art Museum on April 12, 2017.

Courtney Deutz

People view James Rosenquist’s mural “World’s Fair Mural” at Weisman Art Museum on April 12, 2017.

Haley Bennett


Weisman Art Museum

Free, on the East Bank next to Coffman Union. Everything from pop art to Native American pottery is on display.

Walker Art Center

A new sculpture garden and a modern, wide-open floor plan make you feel like you’re wandering through the Pan Am Space Plane from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Address: 725 Vineland Place (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 4, 6, Green

Nearby restaurants: Esker Grove, Cityview Bar

Cost for students: Free on Thursday nights

Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Mia)

From classical to contemporary, Mia is Minneapolis’ mini-Met.

Address: Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 3rd Ave S (Minneapolis)

Bus lines: 2, 3, 11

Nearby restaurants: Agra Culture Cafe (in museum)

Cost for students: Free

Bakken Museum 

A museum that will literally make your hair stand on end, the Bakken is all about electricity. Halloween is a good time to go here. Also, it’s right off Lake Calhoun, so plan your trip to include a walk around a lake.

Address: 3537 Zenith Avenue South (Minneapolis)

Bus lines: 2, 6, 123

Nearby restaurants: Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro

Cost for students: Teens & Young Adults (13-24): $8


St. Paul Chamber Orchestra 

Enjoy classical music? Want a night out — away from Dinkytown — and an excuse to wear a pretty dress or a suit jacket? Take a date (or the Scooby Gang) for a stroll around downtown St. Paul. Check out Landmark Plaza at night. Or, if it’s winter, skate around Rice Park, then defrost at Mickey’s Diner on West Seventh.

Address: 408 St Peter St. (St. Paul)

Bus/Train lines: Green

Nearby restaurants: Meritage, Ruam Mit Thai

Cost for students: Free

Cedar Cultural Center

You’ve probably heard of First Avenue, but you may not be familiar with the Cedar. It’s a nonprofit music venue on the West Bank, perfect for catching a show after dinner at Dilla’s or before late-night hashbrowns at Hard Times.

Address: 416 Cedar Ave S (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 2, 3, Green (but it’s walking distance from West Bank)

Nearby restaurants: Dilla’s Ethopian Restaurant, Hard Times Cafe

Cost for students: Typically $15–30, depending on event

Triple Rock Social Club

Coming in the next month: Downtown Boys, Rainer Maria, Self-Evident, Wild Cub, Frankie Cosmos, Japanese Breakfast

Address: 629 Cedar Ave S (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 2, 3, Green (but it’s walking distance from West Bank) 

Nearby restaurants: Same as Cedar Cultural Center.

Cost for students: Typically between $5-12, depending on the show


Nearby shows: Take the Stone Arch Bridge to catch Romeo and Juliet, on stage now at Father Hennepin Park.

Address: 818 S 2nd St (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines:

Nearby restaurants: Sea Change

Cost for students: Save $3 per ticket in Areas 1 and 1A and $6 in Areas 2-4 (18+)

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming live music at your favorite cafes — the performers are often other students at the U, or other local artists.


St. Anthony Main Theatre

So. Close. To. Campus.

Address: 115 SE Main St. (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 2, 6

Nearby restaurants: Aster Cafe, Wilde Cafe, Kramarczuk’s, New Bohemia

Cost for students: $6

Landmark Theatres (Uptown/Lagoon)

Premiering independent and avant-garde cinema that AMC avoids, these three theaters are your best bet to catching an upcoming Oscar nominee.

Address: 2906 Hennepin Ave (Minneapolis); 1320 Lagoon Ave (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 6, 21

Nearby restaurants: Chino Latino, Hoban, The Fremont

Cost for students: $9–10 (No discount, but the movies are awesome.)


The Trylon is a true arthouse cinema that shows old films (and sometimes obscure new ones, like “The Lure”). If you’re already a film fanatic, this is the place for you.

Address: 2820 E 33rd St (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 7, 21, Blue

Nearby restaurants: Peace Coffee

Cost for students: $8/ticket, or discount cards (5 tickets/$25)


The Riverview shows movies that have already played at AMC theaters.

Address: 3800 42nd Av. S (Minneapolis)

Bus/Train lines: 23

Nearby restaurants: Riverview Cafe

Cost for students: $2 Tuesdays. ‘Nuff said.

The Science Museum

The exhibits are mostly for kids, but the 90-foot IMAX omnitheater screen is for everybody. It’s an … EXPERIENCE. Upcoming shows — “Journey to the South Pacific,” “Rocky Mountain Express”

Address: 120 W Kellogg Blvd (St. Paul)

Bus/Train lines: 21, Green

Nearby restaurants: Cossetta, Sakura

Cost for students: Omnitheater only (Fridays after 5 p.m.) $6

Other activities

Bike the Greenways

Walk around the lakes (bring a frisbee)

Farmers’ markets — they’re everywhere

Don’t stay stuck in Dinkytown — whether you’re a native or new to the area, you’ve only got a few years to experience this town as an undergrad. Best to strike while the student discount is hot.