UMPD car chase ends in arrest, injured officer

Also, several University students reported robberies.

UMPD car chase ends in arrest, injured officer

Ethan Nelson

A mile-long car chase through the Seven Corners neighborhood Saturday morning ended with a suspect in custody and an injured University of Minnesota police officer, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said.

After an officer observed a 19-year-old woman make an illegal turn onto Washington Avenue South, he pulled her over for a routine traffic stop and ran the SUV’s plates, Miner said. The vehicle had been reported stolen from Carlton County just a few days earlier, he said.

Before the officer could arrest her, the woman then fled east on Washington Avenue in her vehicle, Miner said, so the officer pursued her on his motorcycle.

When the woman made a sharp turn, the SUV and the trailer it was towing jackknifed, Miner said.

Miner said the woman continued to flee on foot. The officer followed her and tripped over a curb, but he still apprehended the suspect near the intersection of 12th Avenue South and Third Street South at about 11 a.m.

The officer broke his arm when he fell, and he’s taking a break from work for an undetermined amount of time, Miner said.

Saturday during the daytime is often a relatively quiet shift, Miner said, but this weekend’s incident disrupted the usual tranquility.

“It’s rare that we have vehicle pursuits or people fleeing us in cars,” Miner said. “On average, we have about two or three a year.”

He said the woman is also a suspect in other recent vehicle thefts in Anoka County. Her family had asked law enforcement officials to check on her, Miner said, because they were “concerned about her welfare.”

Police found stolen guns in the car’s trunk, according to a police report and Miner, one of which Miner said was discharged when the woman made a turn.

She was booked at Hennepin County Jail for fleeing police in a motor vehicle.

Students’ houses burglarized

In the past week, at least three University of Minnesota students reported items stolen from their houses.

One of the students, psychology senior Dylan Sorman, said he returned to his Southeast Como house at about midnight Saturday and was sitting on his living room couch when he heard what sounded like dishes rattling. He was the only person awake in the house at the time, he said.

Sorman said he discovered a gloved man attempting to enter the house through a hole he had cut in a first floor window’s screen using scissors.

“It was probably the only unlocked window in the whole house,” he said.

Sorman said he yelled at the intruder, telling him to get out.

“He just jumped out of the window, and I slammed the window down on his hand,” he said.

There was no physical evidence left in the house and nothing was taken, according to a police report.

Sorman said his house had never been robbed before, adding that he doesn’t know who the suspect was.

Bun Mi employees robbed

Two Bun Mi Sandwiches employees reported their wallets missing Saturday afternoon.

Emma Montie, a University junior, said the shop’s employees had seen a suspicious person hanging around the front counter who ordered food but left after waiting a few minutes, saying his mother was coming to pay the bill.

Montie said she and her coworkers suspect the man then slipped by them to the basement break room, where the employees kept their wallets, credit cards, driver’s licenses, cash and a passport.

Several unknown charges appeared on the employees’ bank accounts, though they quickly canceled their cards, she said.

“We actually did find our wallets, though they were in the garbage down the block,” Montie said. The cards and cash are still missing.