Campus style stars: presented by fashionista

The Fashionista takes a sartorialist approach on the University campus.

Freshman Emma Czezk was spotted outside Walter Library Friday morning. She scores fashion at Forever 21 and Goodwill outlets.

Freshman Emma Czezk was spotted outside Walter Library Friday morning. She scores fashion at Forever 21 and Goodwill outlets.

by Sally Hedberg

WeâÄôve come to worship the blogosphere genius of a certain Scott Schuman (âÄúThe SartorialistâÄù).

His approach, however novel, was simple: Snap street fashion with the eye of an industry professional and then post it to his website with educated commentary.

People immediately adored it. It gained the respect of the fashion community, landed Schuman with some more exciting photo gigs (Vogue, NY Fashion week, etc.) and also spurred an explosion of less cool copycats.

ItâÄôs safe to say that Schuman and his camera wonâÄôt be popping up on the verdant lawns of the University of Minnesota mall anytime soon (if he does I will gladly eat my words) but worry not. Your dedicated fashionista has taken matters into her own hands. After some hands on, Sartorialist-inspired field work, I present to you some campus style stars.

Caroline Janson

Chemical engineering student (transfer student from Sweden)

Why we love this look:

The power of JansonâÄôs look comes from a combination of seemingly non-complimentary separates. The form-fitting pencil skirt and tank would have been sexy by themselves, but the flannel adds an element thatâÄôs both fun and fashion forward. The cool hues work well with her flawless Scandinavian complexion and the glasses and leather lace-ups round everything out.

Lacy Braun

Public relations

Why we love this look:

IâÄôll admit my bias: This fall I fell in love. I fell in with a pair of deep red wide leg J Brand jeans, that is. The wide- legged look is stunning and Braun pulls off this business-casual interpretation with finesse. And check those sassy black pumps!

Cho Hung


Why we love this look:

Honestly, what isnâÄôt there to love about those high-waisted, royal blue silk pants? This look is classy, comfortable and put together. Not everyone can pull off the high-waisted look in a way that works, but the styling here is impeccable. A simple, delicate necklace, a navy tote and shiny sandals makes her style appear effortless.

Chloe Ahlf

Apparel design

Why we love this look:

Leave it to a clothing designer to radiate enigmatic style. Ahlf pulled from a grab bag of trends to mesh together one spirited look. The feminine flannel paired with ripped stockings, daisy dukes and moccasins project a Bohemian romanticism that is actually stylish and not sloppy. She gets bonus points for the cute, pearly pink wristwatch.