Coleman editorial

I am appalled at the ignorance and bias of the authors of the editorial (“A classless Coleman emerges already”) that appeared Nov. 12. It is just another example of the continued extreme left-wing stance that has become common in The Minnesota Daily’s editorials.

Norm Coleman never “attempted to circumvent the rules” by asking interim Sen. Dean Barkley to “step down.” The senator-elect suggested that it could be beneficial to him as a senator and to the state of Minnesota if he were allowed to take the seat one day early in order to gain seniority. This could give Coleman more influence in the Senate.

The authors also fail to mention that Coleman and Barkley, who are longtime friends, only discussed the possibilities of Coleman taking office early. I do not agree with the authors’ statement that Coleman is “classless” for considering such a request.

It is absurd to believe that any senator, be it Walter Mondale or the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, would not have considered the same action.

In the future, I hope the Daily’s editorial writers will take the time to understand an issue from a point of view other than their own before they start calling people names.

Justin Redalen, senior, agriculture industries & marketing