These autumn days

As Minnesota days become shorter and colder, the trees that spread throughout the Twin Cities and the state offer us a short glimpse of the immeasurable beauty in nature’s processes. The rich oranges, reds and yellows mix colorfully and beautifully with the varying shades of green as the leaves slowly drop to the ground and decompose. The gentle chill in the air provides a light and robust freshness, providing a pleasant alternative to a hot and humid summer.
Autumn is a season of transition. The earth is slowly dying, allowing its rebirth and renewal during another season of change, spring. Although warm enough to enjoy long evening walks along the Mississippi, the chill of fall makes for great sweater and light coat weather. Those brisk outings into the autumn air often lead us to contemplate life, the universe and everything, as well.
Nature’s annual decay and death offers oft ignored insights into understanding our brief existence. The quiet and graceful dignity with which the leaves whither and cover the earth as mulch strikes me with awe and wonder as I consider my own life and its greater significance.
Soon, however, winter will be around with a short-lived fresh blanket of snow, and even humans will begin to hybernate or fly south for a few months. As we are only able to hear the oddly rhythmic sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet for a temporary time, we should enjoy these fading days of autumn as they wane into winter.