U receives grant to fight tobacco use among youth

Todd Milbourn

As part of the windfall from Minnesota’s 1998 tobacco settlement, the University will receive a $750,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, earmarked for establishing youth tobacco-prevention programs.
The grant will be utilized by the Division of Epidemiology within the School of Public Health to develop a tobacco-use evaluation and assessment center.
The Division of Epidemiology studies the causes and effects of public health problems in an effort to develop disease-prevention programs, according to its Web site.
The proposed center will work alongside community groups to stomp out youth smoking in the Twin Cities.
“Community-based programs can play an important role in combating youth smoking,” said Phyllis Pirie, associate director of the Division of Epidemiology.
Despite a general decrease in statewide smoking rates, a higher number of young Minnesotans have been lighting up in recent years, Pirie said.
“Youth smoking continues to be a very serious problem,” Pirie said. “For many years, we were getting ahead of the curve, but the number of youth smokers has gone back up.”
A contract for the Department of Health award will be finalized in the next several weeks, Pirie added.
The University’s grant is one of 13 awarded by the department, totalling $3 million. The grants will be spread among organizations throughout the state for anti-smoking programs.
“We are continuing to build a successful, comprehensive statewide tobacco-prevention and control program that focuses on reducing tobacco use by Minnesota young people,” Mary Sheehan, director of tobacco endowments implementation at the Department of Health, said in a statement.
The Minnesota Institute of Public Health, William Mitchell College of Law, Allina Health System and the Minnesota Council of Churches were among the other recipients.

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