Campus construction will make a healthier University

David Riviera - University student

Bus transportation on the East Bank sucks. It will take some time to adjust, although IâÄôm lucky enough to have all my classes in St. Paul this semester.

The obliteration of Washington Avenue as a major thoroughfare has brought many new challenges to campus. Buses skip and hop around various bus stops on University Avenue and Fourth Street, change three lanes at once and drive alongside bikes, sometimes having to share their lane to make stops.

You have to give credit to our campus and city bus drivers. They are the lucky ones, knowing (mostly) where they are going. Students and the public have had to adjust to new routes âÄî and to walking more to get where theyâÄôre going on the East Bank campus. I donâÄôt ride the East Bank Circulator, but I hope it helps all students get around.

I find it sad that Northrop Mall and Coffman Union are distant attractions now. Once the heart and soul of the pride, spirit and essence of the University, they are now a skip, jump and a hike across campus.

But look on the bright side: Students are walking more and biking more. Each step is a step towards a healthier campus. DonâÄôt worry about how far the Campus Connector is from the Superblock. ItâÄôs a walk many have done before. Enjoy a stroll down ScholarâÄôs Walk and get a sense of how great this University really is.