New coach, new president

by FC Bedbury - University alumnus

I think it is very unethical for the outgoing president to make the choice for the new football coach. After other bad choices he has made, it should be left up to the new president. President Bob Bruininks can make a lousy choice, but then he is gone, and we are stuck with a bad coach again.

If the new president makes the choice, it becomes his or her responsibility on what the outcome may be because of his or her choices.

I also hope we get a more people-oriented person as president, not just a bean counter who costs students a lot of money and hard work. The University should be for the students and staff âÄî first and always.

Former President Mark Yudof used to ride around campus meeting with students and getting a feel on how they are doing and also got feedback from the grassroots âÄî the students and employees at the University. He got out of the ivory tower and did things right.

I hope they reconsider and let the incoming president choose his team, and then he will have a better chance of success. All the best to all the students of the University.