You can do it, put your Bach in to it

by Thomas Q. Johnson

Depending on how you use the calender, it is the great German composer and organist Johann Sebastian Bach’s 324th birthday today! 


Now don’t everyone go buy "ZUM GEBURTSTAG VIEL GLÜCK HERR BACH" sheet cakes from Rainbow all at once or anything becuase luckily there is a much finer way to celebrate the occasion. All morning and afternoon, Summit Avenue and the surrounding area will play host to a mess of organ recitals featuring the music of Bach. The programs are all free and open to the public.


9 a.m. St. Mary Chapel, The Saint Paul Seminary, 2260 Summit Ave

10:30 a.m.  St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, University of St. Thomas, 2115 Summit Ave

1 p.m.  St. John the Evangelist Eposcopal Church, 60 Kent St

2:30 p.m.  Unity Unitarian Church, 732 Holly Ave.

4 p.m.  House of Hope Presbyterian Church, 797 Summit Ave.


If you can’t make to the performances you can also check out Minnesota Public Radio’s live stream of the St. Mary Chapel’s performance at 9 a.m.


Happy birthday little guy, it’s been 324 awesome years