UMN campus crime update: Cedar-Riverside sees significant decrease in crime

Southeast Como and Prospect Park have faced an increase in crime compared to last year.

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

Hailee Schievelbein

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

by Brooke Sheehy

After no violent crime in Prospect Park during a two-week span last year, the neighborhood has seen seven reported incidents over the last 15 days.

Crime Trends

From June 22 to July 7, Cedar-Riverside has seen a decrease in both violent and property crime compared to the same time frame last year. Both violent and property crime have been cut almost in half from nine to five and 25 to 13 incidents, respectively. The significant drop in overall crime can be primarily attributed to the decrease in reported aggravated assaults, from five last year to one this year, and larceny incidents, from 16 to eight. 

Southeast Como has seen an increase in both violent and property crime between June 22 and July 7 compared to last year. This time last year, Southeast Como saw zero reported incidents of violent crime. This year, there have been two reported incidents, including an aggravated assault and a domestic aggravated assault. Property crime has more than doubled from 10 to 25 reported incidents, which can mostly be attributed to larceny incidents and theft from motor vehicles. Larceny incidents increased from three to 15, and theft from motor vehicle incidents climbed from one to eight. Burglaries in the neighborhood, however, have decreased from five incidents this time in 2019 to zero this year. 

Prospect Park continues an uncharacteristic increase in violent crime. This time last year, the community saw no reported violent crime. This year, there have been reports of one rape, four robberies, one aggravated assault and one domestic aggravated assault. However property crime has dropped, which can mostly be attributed to the decrease in larceny — a drop from 15 to ten. 

Marcy-Holmes crime has remained similar to last year. Violent crime has increased from two to five incidents over the approximately two-week span. Robberies dropped from two to one. Last year, there were no reported incidents of rape or aggravated assault; this year there is one recorded incident for rape and three for aggravated assault. Property crime remains stable with only a four incident increase from 37 to 41. Burglaries increased from two incidents last year to eight this year. There were no reports of arson incidents this year compared to the two reported between June 22 and July 7 in 2019. 

Notable crimes

Prospect Park was the location of two separate crimes June 30, per an email from the Minneapolis Police Department.

The first reported incident occurred around noon. A man in his car at Franklin Avenue and Thornton Street Southeast was boxed in by two cars. Suspects then allegedly exited their cars and beat the victim’s vehicle with a golf club, resulting in damage to the victim’s vehicle. MPD did not report if the victim sustained injuries.

The second incident occurred around 6 p.m. when two male suspects approached a woman and her son at the intersection of Arthur Avenue Southeast and University Avenue Southeast. The suspects snatched the woman’s keys and demanded the son get out of the car. Both suspects then fled the scene in the stolen vehicle. 

On July 2 around 8:15 a.m., a female suspect reportedly robbed the Stadium Village CVS Pharmacy with a gun, according to a campuswide safety alert.