Affordable housing is easy to find

While I agree with the claim that the increase of luxury apartments will make it difficult to retain historic landmarks in an Oct. 25 editorial in the Minnesota Daily, âÄúLocal housing: too expensive,âÄù there are a few flaws in the argument.

The author claims that out-of-state students donâÄôt have the means or time to research the local housing options to find an affordable place. ThatâÄôs not true. Finding housing isnâÄôt like a term paper; weâÄôre discussing college students having a place to crash for the night that doesnâÄôt have more bedbugs than roommates. Use Craigslist to find a place.

Will students have to move farther off campus to obtain affordable housing? Absolutely, but itâÄôs an introduction to the real world.

Life outside of college isnâÄôt going to be easy, but I and many other students take pride in the fact we found affordable housing. We can pay rent in addition to other living expenses with part-time jobs.

The author also argues that affordable housing is being pushed farther away from campus. This is true, but if you canâÄôt wake up 30 minutes earlier to get to class in the morning, maybe you do deserve to pay too much.


Jacob T. Ristow

University student