MSA presidential candidate disqualified after running mate drops out

MSA candidate Osirus Washington was disqualified after his running mate dropped out following his past controversial posts resurfaced on social media.

Courtesy of Osirus Washington and Janet Nguyen's campaign.

Courtesy of Osirus Washington and Janet Nguyen’s campaign.

Niamh Coomey

Minnesota Student Association presidential candidate Osirus Washington is ineligible for the election after his running mate dropped out of the race, per MSA constitution rules. 

He was disqualified following his running mate Janet Nguyen’s withdrawal on Sunday night due to a controversial post Washington made on Facebook in January. Washington has been removed from the 2019-20 ballot, which was released Monday morning. 

The since-deleted post, which stated, “Do you get bad karma for having an abortion?”, resurfaced on Sunday when members of MSA commented on it questioning his intent. In replies to these comments, Washington claimed he had “no ill intent” in the post. 

Nguyen and her campaign staff released a statement late Sunday night about their withdrawal from the race. “We support healthy dialogue around this topic and do not stand with the comment made by Osirus,” the statement read. 

Washington has not released an official statement about his disqualification. 

This is a breaking news report. More information will be added as it becomes available.