Daily Digest: Valentine’s Day gifts, Rochester campus, binge drinking

by Lisa Zehner

Hey folks, happy Friday and early V-Day. Hope you already have some plans of giving a present to that special someone in mind, and if not, then here are some ideas of best value gifts from a news station in Phoenix with fruit bouquets, lingerie and more:

Here is some more advice from local Kay Harvey about Valentine’s Day, who talked to a University professor who said that saying “I love you” means more than any gift. Go figure.

Alright, now on to the news:

*According to a University of Minnesota study, 43 percent of active-duty military personnel admit to frequent binge drinking, the Star Tribune reports. That means that every soldier on average drinks more than four or five drinks at one sitting about 30 times a year.

*The University of Minnesota’s Rochester campus will continue to grow, despite economic times. The Post Bulletin reports that a plan proposed by the Regents Thursday said the campus could expand to about 5,000 students. The committee established that the campus would remain in downtown Rochester and the regents will consider the plan today.