Fashionista beauty endorsements: Fall 09

by Kara Nesvig

 Hope the third day of school is going as smoothly as the first two (probably) did for all of you. Me, I don’t have class MWF, so I have lots of time to spend browsing local stores, trying out new beauty products, scouring for trends, and trying on jewelry at For Love 21 and J. Crew. So in my spare time I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things for you to try out–sorry dudes, this is pretty much all chick-centric, but it would behoove you to know that I am a huge fan of browsing the cologne section at Nordstrom and that Chanel Platinum Egoiste is my current favorite. I’ll even wear it.

So what am I endorsing this time around? For starters, my can’t-live-without-it website, Makeup Alley. Not only is Makeupalley is website for beauty enthusiasts like me, but some real experts reside within its confines and message boards. I rarely buy a product without reading Makeupalley’s community of reviews for it first. That’s how I decided which box color to choose when I impulsively went from blonde to brunette. (Word to the wise: Even if your roommate is innately talented beauty-wise, it’s still better to drastically dye your hair at the salon. And another word to the wise: If getting highlights at the Aveda school, don’t fill up on Dunn Bros. coffee first. Four and a half hours in the chair while you’re caffeine giddy = no fun.) Makeupalley is my go-to website, and one I can waste hours upon hours browsing. Some of my favorite beauty products (and cure-alls) were found through the site. Make an account and look for “myfakeyelashes” reviews; that’s me.

Fall nail polish– I’m obsessed with nail polishes. Yep, I admit it–and I’m notoriously ADD/fickle with my paint jobs too. But it’s completely valid; your nail color can totally update your fall look. Seriously. Right now I’m lusting for Chanel’s jade green polish, and have yet to find a cheap dupe. My other must-have for fall is matte nail polish, meaning NO SHINE whatsoever. It’s weird at first, but then it looks kinda chic. Doesn’t last too long, but it looks cool and edgy while it does. Essie makes a mattifying top coat, and most major nail polish lines are releasing mattes of their own. I like OPI for Sephora’s shades, particularly black and red.

Aveda “Style-Prep” smoother– If you know me, you know I’m a huge Aveda fan and basically all my hair products are from the local supergiant. Style-Prep is my newest addition and I loved it during the summer, because my waves hate humidity and this helped tame them from getting all poufy. I hate the way it smells–the Smooth Infusion line has a funny scent–but I love it. Put it on while your hair is wet/damp, style as usual, and you’ll most definitely notice the smoothing.

Marc Jacobs Lola– Of course I’m a perfume junkie too. Would you expect any less? Marc’s latest addition is MY newest addition to my fragrance tray. Besides the adorable bottle, it’s a not-too-heavy fall scent that I purchased to go along with my new brown hair. I like to think of my brunette self as an alter-ego to the blonde one, so Lola fits in well.

The Refinery– This Dinkytown salon/spa is a lifesaver. It’s wonderful. I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before. Not only do they offer ridiculously good deals for students and on most days of the week, but their wax procedures are fast-fast-fast (like lunch break 15 minutes fast) and their aestheticians are awesome. Krista is my favorite; she’s my go-to girl. They offer Dermalogica skin products, like the tinted moisturizer I’m lusting after, and Essie nail polishes for $6, $2.50 less than they cost elsewhere. I’m going to get my eyelashes tinted one of these days.

Fashionista Dis-Endorsement

I hate the new Target “frugalista” campaign. “Frugalista” is a terrible word, worse than “recessionista.” And I didn’t think it could get worse. Love Target passionately, am often in the Quarry Target just browsing, but hate that campaign.