88 killed in latest Algerian violence

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Government forces reportedly killed 77 rebels in a four-day crackdown on suspected Islamic insurgents last week.
In addition, travelers from the Medea region — a stronghold of Islamic militants — said Monday 11 civilians were slain during the weekend on a road 70 miles south of Algiers. The travelers spoke on condition of anonymity.
Hospital workers said the victims had been tortured and their throats had been cut — hallmarks of Islamic militants.
In the past week, government forces have tried to wipe out the Islamic activists in a forest near the border with Morocco and in the mountains near Medea.
Algerian security forces attacked Islamic militants in the Mizab forest, killing 35, the Algiers daily La Tribune reported Monday.
In another sweep, security forces killed 42 members of an armed group in weekend fighting in the Larbaa mountains 60 miles south of Algiers, in fighting, the Le Matin daily reported.
The government does not provide figures on its losses.