Wagner-Garber for MSA 2010-11

The outsider ticket offers the perspective needed to fix MSA.

Sean Niemic

As a member of the Minnesota Student Association for two years, I have seen firsthand the multitude of problems in student government. Throughout the campaigns, IâÄôve heard promises from candidates that I heard each of the past two years. I am not going to respect promises that will inevitably be broken as in years past. The only ticket suitable is that of outsiders, as they are the only candidates who didnâÄôt cause or exacerbate the problems with MSA: Andrew Wagner and Tove Garber. In addition to their fresh perspective, two of their campaign stances are incredibly appealing. Wagner and Garber are promoting alcohol sales in Coffman Union. This idea will be a major economic boost to the University of Minnesota at a time when money is hard to come by, and it unquestionably resonates with students. Beer sales in Coffman will provide a safe environment for responsible drinking. Additionally, they want to repeal the social host ordinance, which is beyond flawed. The University of Minnesota Police Department already has its focus in the wrong place; instead of stopping crime (robberies, sexual assaults, shootings) on and around campus, the police are more concerned about giving drinking citations at parties. The passing of the social host ordinance only further misplaces UMPD objectives. Only with a full repeal of the ordinance can campus safety be seriously addressed. Every candidate is seeking to promote student involvement and shared governance. Though noble, the only candidates that actually have plans for students beyond these vague promises are Wagner and Garber. If you think selling beer in Coffman is a good idea, or if you likewise believe that the UMPD should focus more on preventing violent crime instead of drinking violations, then Wagner-Garber is your ticket for MSA president and vice president. Sean Niemic, University undergraduate student