Complaints remain

Administration should address graduate student concerns.


Although last week saw the failure of the latest push for a unionization of the graduate and professional student body at the University of Minnesota, campus still resonates with the complaints of students voiced throughout the process. President Eric Kaler should step up and finally commit to solving the problems students have been and currently are voicing and not simply tell them that a union is not their answer.

The final tally decided against certification, but the students who voted in favor are being compelled by forthright problems. The issues of graduate students are obviously not being resolved if more than a thousand are willing to vote to certify a union and pay dues to better their situations.

Kaler sent a letter to all of these students before the vote telling them that a union was not in their best interest, implying that the means to their solutions are elsewhere. Undeniably, students have struggled to find that elusive “better” way, and Kaler should do his part as president to ensure that all of these students do encounter an active administration responsive to their complaints.

Kaler has seen, now, that thousands of graduate and professional students are unsatisfied with their conditions and are even willing to pay someone for help. He ought to promptly extend his hand and invite these students to sit down and voice their concerns and follow up with actions that actually address them.

Kaler said graduate students didn’t need a union. In response, we say Kaler and the administration need to provide an alternative path.