Bring beer to Coffman

by Derek Trout

Until last week, I had been uninterested in the MSA presidential election. But one element of one platform changed all that. Only one ticket will work to allow the sale of beer and alcohol in Coffman Union: Andrew Wagner and Tove Garber. Allowing beer in Coffman would make the student union far more popular. Students could stop by for a quick drink between classes, to drink away the sorrows of a rough exam or to celebrate. WhatâÄôs more, the perpetually empty GoldyâÄôs Gameroom would flourish in the evenings and on weekends. Face the facts: Students like to drink. The sale of alcohol in Coffman Union would provide for responsible drinking in a safe environment. This idea is innovative, realistic and student-oriented. To fight for beer in Coffman Union, step one is voting for Wagner and Garber for MSA president and vice president. Derek Trout University undergraduate student