Net: Today, back by…

Net: Today, back by popular demand, we present the ever-popular Haiku Day. Seeing as we are now the sole purveyor of arty goodness at the Daily, we feel this is a fitting duty.

Today Haiku day
Easy for us to edit
Syllables be damned

(Damned = one syllable)

From GrohlGrrl:
must write good haiku
Network has been mildly dull
I hope this will work

no parties planned
must wander around like frosh
hey, like my costume?

Construction wakes me.
My classes put me to sleep.
Balance is achieved.

From Ezra Haagen-Daas:
Damn lying squirrels
They said that they were my friends
Then they stole my skin

College Business School
Where underachievers go/
And feel right at home

From Pwar:
Foolish Santa Claus
Bringing me nothing but pain
Go to hell old man

Oh, Wesley Willis,
“I’m sorry that I got fat”
Just doesn’t cut it

Detriot Lions say,
“Minnesota Vikings suck,
Green Bay Packers, too.”

Ooh Baby Baby
Hit me baby one more time
You drive me crazy

Not wearing pants
Must go eat some food downstairs
UDS: Don’t look.

From Abbey Someone:
You know who was cool?
Black guy from Hogan’s Heroes.
Damn, he was so cool.

From Great Bason:
Gophers are vanquished
Many tears on homecoming
Bye bye bowl game bid

Many near misses
But all is lost in the end
Maybe pay Glen more?

Hockey team triumphs
Sends Alaska home in shame
New hairdo gets wins

Too much construction
The U looks like a war zone
Find a happy place

From kitsune:
network is my god
reading others’ stupid lives
always makes my day

work hard at bookstore
making seven an hour;
i drink my cheap wine

eight o clock class, snore
why does my TA not speak
one bit o’ english?

From Brassballs12E:
I read Net in class
Net is retarded
Sucked my will to live.

From GuyUWant:
Oh dear GirlUWant
I think you are so sexy
I liked A&E

What is up with refs?
Don’t need to get to end zone
to score a touchdown

I have not yet learned to count.
this is very hard.
I hope I did it right.

Happy Halloween!
Hey! Let’s go trick or treating.
When will the rain stop?

These haiku are great
I could go on forever,
but now I have class.

From dopp:
Bawls, water of life,
Dub dub dub dot bawls dot com
You’re my destiny

Net: Another day done
Time to consume much Labatt
Possibly French fries

Kim Milford is hot
The ladies love to see his
Super laser blast

A cat named Spango
Please do not ravage my face
Or I shall kick you

Hockey hockey yay
Hockey hockey puck hooray!
Hockey hockey day