We’re all adults here

Kelsey Uline states that âÄúthe smoking banâÄôs main intention isnâÄôt preventing you from smoking, itâÄôs preventing all those around you from having to suffer from it.âÄù She also states that âÄúweâÄôre all adults here, but at the same time youâÄôre making the choice for all those around you to inhale your secondhand smoke.âÄù My response to those statements is very simple: if you donâÄôt want to inhale secondhand smoke, donâÄôt stand or walk close to a smoker. And to those who will respond by saying that people smoke near doorways so they have no choice but to walk through the smoke: try using your energy to get the University to enforce the current rule of âÄúno smoking within 25 feet of a building entrance.âÄù If itâÄôs too much trouble to take a 15-foot detour to walk around someone who is smoking outdoors, then I guess you take your life in your own hands. As has been said, âÄúweâÄôre all adults here,âÄù so be an adult and make your own choices. Ryan Mattke University staff