COGS may adopt new election process

Group members were torn on whether to elect leadership spots through a student ballot.

by Molly Michaletz

A proposed change to the Council of Graduate Students’ election process raises concern among its members.

The University’s Office for Student Affairs is advising the student government group to hold student ballot elections for next school year’s president and vice president — spots that are currently filled by an internal election within COGS’ general assembly.

At the group’s meeting Wednesday night, COGS President Andrew McNally said OSA has been pushing for the change to allow for more diversity and legitimacy across the graduate student body’s leadership.

But COGS Vice President of Internal Relations Roberto de Freitas said holding an election won’t necessarily diversify the group’s leaders because only a small number of students would likely vote in the election.

Other members are worried a reformed process would make it more difficult for the group to accomplish its goals.

“The graduate assembly elects leaders because they know who they are electing and what they are electing them for,” a Graduate Education Council representative Celeste Falcon said at the meeting.

While contested within COGS’ executive committee, McNally said he’ll submit an application to request an election. The full assembly will vote on the issue Feb. 4.