Gigi Berry’s Cherry Moon Press, which makes Prince-themed pins, turns one-year-old

Gigi Berry’s Cherry Moon Press pin company celebrates one-year anniversary with an Electric Fetus collab.

Gigi Berry poses for a portrait while selling her pins under her company Cherry Moon Press.

Courtesy of Darin Kamnetz

Gigi Berry poses for a portrait while selling her pins under her company Cherry Moon Press.

Sophie Vilensky

One year ago this Wednesday, Gigi Berry officially made her hobby an “actual thing.”

The hobby? Pin collecting. The actual thing that came out of it? Cherry Moon Press — a local Prince-themed enamel pin company.

Today, Berry will celebrate Cherry Moon Press’s one-year anniversary with a collaboration and special edition Record Store Day pin release party at the Electric Fetus. The fans, of course, will flock.

Right now, Berry owns two pin companies — Cherry Moon and newer venture The Minnesota Pins. She’s created over 60 designs, and there’s no way she can pick a favorite.

You know the saying … it would be like asking her to pick a favorite kid.

Voted “Best Tweeter” by City Pages in 2016, Berry has held many titles. Twitter queen, pin queen, queen in general.

As for the reign she’s proudest of, pin queen it is. From Girl Scout sash pins to Best Buy uniform lapel decor, she’s been up for the crown for a long time.

“People started calling me [pin queen] and then I started calling myself that,” Berry said. “It was a cool way to say what I was doing because none of this really feels real.”

Darin Kamnetz, a local photographer and friend of Berry’s, isn’t sure how it all happened either.

“[Berry] was always a fan of pins and Prince, but it wasn’t like she talked about [starting a business] all the time. She just did it.” Kamnetz said. “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Over time, Berry has gotten Kamnetz hooked on pins as well. According to Berry’s friend Natalia Toledo Creus — a graphic designer and frequent pin collaborator— she’s probably gotten many others collecting, too.

“[Berry’s] a very loving person – I think that’s why she sort of became an internet personality,” Toledo Creus said. “And she takes advantage of that in the best way possible.”

Electric Fetus buyer Kim Baldwin has been prepping for the event, as well as the official Record Store Day celebration Saturday. This year’s Record Store Day falls during Prince’s Celebration week — it’s a double whammy for the Fetus and Berry.

“[Berry] has a lot of people that buy her pins from all over the world,” Baldwin said. “And a lot of them are coming this week for the Prince celebration.”

Pin collectors, Purple Family members and Minnesotans in general are wooed by Berry’s keen eye for Prince symbolism.

She’s made song title license plates and “The Simpsons” Prince tribute tributes. There’s no lack of purple glitter.

But those special release pins? You’ll have to be there today to see them.

“I wanted to give the Fetus something special with this set of pins,” Berry said. “They’re special to me as a store, so I wanted to give them something exclusive.”

What we do know is that there will be three new designs: a commissioned piece, an homage to this year’s Warner Brothers’ Record Store Day “1999” record release and a … you’ll have to wait and see. But it may have something to do with Paisley Park.

“They’re appropriate,” Baldwin said. In the best way.

What: Cherry Moon Press One Year Anniversary Celebration

When: Thursday April 19, 3 – 6 p.m.

Where: The Electric Fetus, 2000 4th Ave. S., Minneapolis