U.S. House endorsements:

In 1994, Democratic incumbent Bruce Vento ran against Republican Dennis Newinski in St. Paul’s 4th Congressional District. The voters returned Vento to office in 1994 and in 1996 he deserves the same.
Vento’s record in the 104th Congress has shown him to be a man of vision and concern for his constituents. He supported an increase in the minimum wage that makes it easier for the working poor to get by, and as senior member of the House Banking and Financial Services Committee he worked to protect consumers from unfair practices by credit bureaus. In contrast to Newinski’s weak environmental platform, Vento has demonstrated his commitment to environmental preservation through his protection of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
The education spending policies of Vento’s three opponents — Newinski, Reform Party candidate Richard Gibbons and Grassroots Party candidate Phil Willkie — are either unclear or shortsighted. Newinski supports a 50 percent increase in funding to the federal student loan program, leading students further into debt by forcing them to take out more loans to cover tuition. Vento supports President Clinton’s focused plan that calls for a $1,500 per student tax credit for the first two years of higher education.
Bruce Vento’s record speaks to his familiarity with the concerns of the voters and business on Capitol Hill, making him the best candidate to represent the 4th District.