Comstock Hall hit by stray bullet, police say

Nobody was harmed when a bullet broke a south-side Comstock window early Monday morning.

Andrew Krammer

A bullet broke a window in Comstock Hall early Monday. No one was harmed.

Shortly before 4 a.m., a University of Minnesota student reported that she woke up to a noise and noticed a hole in the south window of her dorm room.

University police examined the window and determined the damage was done by a bullet, which broke two panels of glass and landed on the window sill.

âÄúConsulting a firearms expert reveals that the round was most likely fired from a significant distance away and was not targeted at the resident or even at the residence hall,âÄù University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said.

There is a good chance the round was fired from the other side of the Mississippi River and just happened to hit Comstock Hall, Miner said.

He said the incident was likely isolated. The investigation is ongoing.