Board of Regents prepares for new bonding request

Regents asked the state to pay about 80 percent of the request.

by Meghan Holden

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents reviewed the University’s 2014 bonding request at their monthly meeting Friday and will vote on the request next month.

The request totals nearly $300 million — about 80 percent of which would come from the state — to improve areas of campus.

Of the more than $200 million requested from the state, $100 million would go to upkeep and maintenance of University buildings.

Other parts of the request include funding to renovate the Tate Laboratory of Physics, construct a new Microbial Sciences Research Building and modernize existing labs.

“Updating old facilities and investing in research facilities is the best thing the University can be doing,” said student representative to the board Joelle Stangler.