Jamal released on bail after hearing

SJoe Mahon Somali community advocate Omar Jamal was released on bail Thursday afternoon following his immigration court hearing in Bloomington, Minn.

Jamal was arrested Monday on charges he gave false answers on his asylum application in 1988 when he was 16.

After federal authorities released him Monday on the falsification charges, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement – formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service – detained Jamal for allegedly violating immigration law.

Jamal’s bail was initially set at $10,000. After the hearing Thursday to determine if he was a threat to the community or whether he would flee if released, Jamal’s bail was reduced to $6,500.

Outside the courtroom, approximately 40 friends, family and other activists gathered to show their support.

Jamal is set to appear April 23 in federal district court in Memphis, Tenn., where his asylum application was originally filed. He faces deportation on the immigration charges.