Police arrest prostitute on East Bank

Thomas Douty

Police arrested a 20-year-old woman for prostitution Jan. 26 in an undercover operation on the University’s East Bank.
Police arrested the woman for allegedly offering to perform sexual acts on an undercover officer at the Days Inn on University Avenue.
According to police reports, an officer called an escort service, intending to order a prostitute. When she arrived, the escort said she would dance for him for $175. After a few minutes, the woman offered oral sex and intercourse for an additional $150 and $200. The officer then arrested and cited the woman for prostitution.
The woman told police that she pays $75 to an unidentified Wisconsin man for each sexual act.

In other police news:
ù A University student was arrested for alleged burglary of a dwelling and forgery when police found him early Sunday morning banging on a door of a Southeast Minneapolis home.
Two Minneapolis police officers searched the Institute of Technology senior at the front door of a Como Avenue residence and found a false Utah driver’s license. The license carried the student’s correct name and picture but a false date of birth.
The Minneapolis city attorney’s office charged the student with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

ù Minneapolis police broke up a large party at the Kappa Eta Kappa unofficial fraternity house Jan. 28 and charged three members with various violations.
An officer of the unofficial professional fraternity was arrested for allegedly distributing alcohol to minors.
One minor, an Institute of Technology sophomore, was cited for underage liquor consumption. The third student, also in IT, was cited for holding a disruptive party.

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