House State Fair poll: MN wants spending cuts and early voting

by Devin Henry

Pollsters from the Minnesota House of Representatives were at the Great Minnesota Get Together over the past 12 days, polling Minnesotans on everything from spending cuts during recessions to fishing with multiple poles (a pressing issue for the Land of 10,000 Lakes, certainly).

According to the poll,  Minnesotans want:

  • The opportunity to vote up to two weeks before Election Day (56.8 percent)
  • Spending cuts instead of tax increases during recessions (47.5 percent to 43.8 percent)
  • The repealing of the governor’s controversial unallotment powers (48.1 percent)
  • Medicinal marijuana for terminally ill patients (69.1 percent)
  • Voter approval for public financing for a Minnesota Vikings stadium (63.5 percent)
  • And, surprisingly, most want to stick with only one rod while fishing (51 percent).

Full results from the poll: