Daylight saving time: A public service announcement

Allison Wickler

This weekend marks the end of daylight saving time, which means we’ll be "falling back" and gaining the hour we lost during the spring. 

On Sunday (Nov. 2) at 2 a.m., set your watches and clocks back to 1 a.m. and continue your post-Halloween / Homecoming festivities.  Or sleep more.  Either way, you wouldn’t want to be too early for your Sunday events (though it’s not as big a faux pas as during spring, when one risks being an hour late.  Oops).

An interesting and perhaps more newsy DST tidbit: Reuters reports on a study showing the risk of heart attacks decreases when daylight saving time ends and increases when it begins in the spring.  In the study of heart attacks in Sweden, researchers cited possible sleep deprivation after clocks are set ahead in the spring as adversely affecting cardiovascular functioning.  The extra hour of sleep that we could theoretically get in the fall is more "protective" of our health.

And for the most cliche closing I could muster — enjoy the festive fall weekend.

Allison Wickler, Managing Editor