A story for the anti-war protestors

I have a little story other anti-war protesters should hear. It’s about a country that failed to live up to agreements made after losing a war.

Despite promises to do otherwise, this country built up its army and tried to create super weapons that would inspire fear in surrounding nations.

This country threatened its neighbors and dared the world to do something about it. Iraq? No, Germany during the 1930s. As Germany built up forces, the world had many chances to dispose of Adolf Hitler and secure peace.

The world didn’t act, and millions of people died correcting that mistake. Saddam Hussein is another madman who, like Hitler, has broken promises and pledges. Hussein seeks weapons of awesome power to terrorize and blackmail the world.

Yet anti-war protestors would do nothing to stop him. Like the anti-war groups in the 1930s, they are willing to sit back and let evil people propel the world into darkness.

The time to stop Hussein is now, before millions of innocents die. If the United States – with or without world support – fails to act, we will wake up one day to find that Hussein has nuked Israel, gassed the Kurds or supplied anthrax to terrorists. It’s time for the anti-war people to look at the big picture.

Nicholas Kraemer, junior, Institute of Technology