International aid reaches storm-hit Philippines

Hailey Colwell

Aid from multiple countries began to trickle into the hardest-hit areas of the Philippines, which was struck on November 8 by Typhoon Haiyan, killing thousands of people on the islands, news sources reported.


The USS George Washington sent out helicopters to drop food and water supplies to cut-off communities near Tacloban, the city hit hardest by the Typhoon, NBC News reported.


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Israel and Australia have also arrived to deliver assistance, but it is unclear whether they will reach isolated communities, NBC News reported.


On the ground in Manila, World Health Organization Representative Dr. Julie Hall said medical responders are seeing mainly trauma and fractures right now, BBC News reported.


"But in week two going into week three you start seeing an increase in patients with chronic conditions," Hall said, BBC News reported.


Conditions after disasters like Typhoon Haiyan can be a breeding ground for the spread of disease, BBC News reported. 


About 7,000 islands in the Philippines need to be accounted for, NBC News reported.