CSE policy exacerbates stress

Jeffrey Pearson, University student

College students face an immense amount of stress during their time at school. After reading about the College of Science and Engineering’s GPA acceptance policy, I now understand the frazzled state I often find my CSE friends in any time a project or test approaches. I was shocked that these students are told there is no guarantee they will be able to move on to higher-level courses and complete their degree. That must be disconcerting when students are paying thousands of dollars for a degree. In the article, it states that students can retake a class if they want a higher grade. The fact is, many students simply can’t afford to retake classes with already high student loans.

When academic pressure is placed on students, it simply adds another stressful aspect to the college lifestyle, which for many already includes things like managing restricted finances and living independently. There have been many studies conducted that show stress can negatively affect a student’s academic performance. If schools want to get the most out of their students, then it shouldn’t be with a threat of rejection. Schools need to find a way to positively encourage students to succeed without the constant fear of failure looming in the back of their minds. Not only will it lead to better health for students, but it will positively impact academics.

I realize with limited space in the classes something must be done, but this is simply not the way to go about it. The school has to continue working toward a better system that alleviates severe stress on students and fosters a healthy learning environment.