North Korea admits overseas missile sales

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea admitted for the first time Tuesday that it has sold missiles abroad and plans to keep doing so, openly challenging international efforts to curb global missile proliferation.
North Korea defended its missile development and export program by accusing Washington of maintaining stifling economic embargoes.
In 1996, the United States began talks with North Korea aimed at persuading it to freeze its missile program and join an international agreement designed to restrict missile proliferation.
The talks soon stalled. The latest round of negotiations was abruptly canceled last August in New York, and no new discussions are scheduled.
North Korea said it could discuss missile nonproliferation with the United States if Washington signs the peace treaty and compensates it for an expected loss of income from missile sales.
North Korea agreed last year to join four-party peace talks with South Korea, the United States and China, but the negotiations have stalled over their format and agenda.